Focus on things that matter to Gen Z in your job post

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When creating content for your job post, consider what’s important to your audience. Gen Z job seekers have different requirements to older candidates.

Gen Z wants to be sure that the organisation’s values are in line with their own, and that the company they work for is having a positive impact on the world, society or community. Employers need to be transparent and authentic in this regard.


Gen Z is concerned with maintaining a healthy work-life balance as well as career progression so it’s worth addressing these things in your job post. 

Other things that are important to Gen Z:

  • Workplace technology – more than 90% say this is a deciding factor when choosing a job. Gen Z is used to technology that’s easy to use, they don’t want to work with outdated computer systems (let’s face it – who does!).
  • Inclusion – Gen Z is fast becoming the most racially and ethnically diverse age group so Diversity & Inclusion matters. They want to know how you are managing this.
  • Remote & hybrid working – with work-life balance as a requirement it’s not surprising to see remote and hybrid working featuring so highly in the latest global Gen Z survey from Deloitte. Where this isn’t possible (i.e. in Retail & Hospitality), try to be flexible on hours and shifts. Consider also that employees find it harder to form relationships with colleagues when working completely remotely.
  • Competitive salaries – in times of rising prices and housing costs, money is in focus

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Employee Generated Content

Job descriptions have a habit of not changing for years so can become rather outdated, even more so in the last few years. So ask current employees to review the job description to see if it’s still relevant.

When creating a Video Job Post, consider adding a video segment where an employee talks about why they love working at your company. Candidates love to hear first-hand experiences of people in the job. Employee Generated Content is more authentic and makes a huge difference in encouraging a job seeker to apply.


For example, employees could talk about their career development, how they feel supported, office life, social events, or any of the other topics that are important to Gen Z. The most important thing with Employee Generated Content is to help Gen Z job seekers understand that this is a job that they will enjoy doing, do well in, develop, progress and be happy.

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