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A video CV gets you seen. It shows your personality so you make an impression. You get invited to more interviews and get one step closer to the job you want.


Why Video CVs?

Video CVs get you seen

Employers get too many text CVs. They can’t read them all. Even worse, some go straight in the bin. Watching a video is so much easier and more enjoyable.

Video CVs show personality

People connect with you a lot more on video. You make a much better impression. You get invited to more interviews.

Video CVs get the best jobs

The more interviews you get, the more likely you are to find the job that is right for you!

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Why C-Me?

C-Me lets you create, share and track personalised Video CVs.
Break through the noise and get seen.

Personalised Video CVs

Showcase your strengths, experience and achievements for employers


Get expert feedback and suggestions for making improvements to your Video CV

Privacy & Control

Send employers a unique link to your Video CV, deactivate at any time for total control

Real-time Tracking

Know when your Video CV was opened and watched with viewer engagement data

How it works


Create your profile and record your video. Retake until you are happy. Get feedback from family and friends.


Share socially or send to potential employers. Deactivate at any time for total control.


Track progress in real-time. See how many times it was opened along with viewer engagement data.


Get Hired Faster With A Professional Video CV

A Video CV makes it easier than ever before to get noticed by employers. Video resumes are three times more likely to be called for a job interview than standard text resumes. Video CVs have proven to get higher response rates than traditional ones.They provide recruiters with insights about your personality beyond just simple words. There’s no better way to make an impression than with video, which is why video CVs have become one of the most popular ways to apply for jobs in recent years. Building your career with a video CV becomes easier and faster. We list here the main advantages of having a video CV, and also some tips on how to create one.

Why should you have a video resume?

Stand out among the competition

Let yourself stand out from the crowd. Nowadays video resumes  are on the rise. However, they are far from being commonly used by candidates. A video resume drags way more attention than a paper one. Other work applicants send paper resumes, but you’ll be the only one with a video cv. That’ll instantly discern your application from a pile and you will get an invitation for a job interview. Using this method of job application, you instantly stand out as a professional who is prepared to go beyond basic requirements.

Showcase your creativeness

A video CV is an excellent way to showcase your creativeness and your skills while presenting yourself professionally. Instead of using a traditional CV sample, you can build a convincing video presentation. This is especially important for creative roles. With a video, you can show your abilities more effectively than in a paper. When applying for a job, a visually appealing CV can be extremely beneficial.

Make an impression on the recruiters 

In contrast to traditional CVs, video resumes draw interest and will not be overlooked. The recruiters can’t only glance at them. They are very likely to watch them fully to understand your profile. A video CV will grab the employers’ attention. It will help you to get an advantage over the candidates with traditional paper resumes.

Display your personal brand

It’s difficult to accurately express your personality in a written CV or cover letter. A video shows your personality and the real you. It allows your potential future employers to get to know you better before even having the interview. You can describe your background, showcase your talents, skills, and your knowledge. A video resume is an effective way to convey your personality and make a memorable impression.

Demonstrate your presenting skills

By creating a video, you can physically display abilities such as public speaking, communication, and digital skills. You can also show off your portfolio or you in a working capacity. Put your brightest, and most professional work forward. It will allow recruiters and potential employers to get a feel for your personality and understand how you would fit into the vacant position.

Creation on the go

C-Me app is a perfect solution for busy job seekers. While you might have plenty of tasks in your current role, you can create and send an impressive video resume in minutes. It’s a quick step to a better job.

Enhance Your Online Presence With A High Impact Video Cv

Video CVs are becoming one of the most effective resources for both job seekers and employers. Fortunately, you can create a video CV on your own using our online video CV maker tool C-Me.

The job market nowadays is a competitive and dynamic environment. In this fast-moving career market, you never know when you will need to promote your best profile. Offer yourself the best possible chance. Video CV with C-Me makes it easy.

You want to show potential future employers not only that you have the required skills and knowledge for the position, but also that you are capable of creating a perfect video.

How to Make a Video Resume

Unsure where to begin with your video resume? We have prepared valuable tips, detailed the steps in video CV creation, and answered frequent questions. If you have been looking for new job opportunities, you know how important it is to be prepared in the best way.

A short presentation of your skills in video format will get your job application noticed by recruiters and managers. If you have never worked with video editing software, do not worry. Our video CV builder will make the process smooth and easy with no technical skills required.

C-Me has an intuitive interface. It enables you to create video CVs quickly and easily. All you need to do is to enter your strengths, work experiences and achievements, and record a convincing video, or upload your own.

Tips to make an impressive video cv

Prepare a script for your video

Consider writing a script and practice reading it aloud, before you start filming. The goal of the video is to show in 2 minutes how professional you are, and how you can help the company.

Writing a script for your video in advance allows you to be sure that you have included everything that is important. Without a script, you might forget some key points in your professional career path, or forget to highlight some of your strengths. Rehearse several times. After all the planning is done, start recording.

Catchy introduction

It mustn’t be a Hollywood scenario, but write down a short text, headlines, paragraphs, and structure it. The intro of your presentation needs to be catchy. Think of how you could make it original. Draw a storyboard with catchy headlines for each short section of the video.

Choose the right location for video recording

Be sure that you have a quiet location to film in with good light for your video recording. The backdrop of your shooting should be clear enough and free from clutter. Ensure that the background that appears in your video looks professional and appropriate.

Professional look in the video 

Choose the right outfit for the recording. You also need to dress exactly as you would do for a job interview in person. This could mean business casual or a suit.

Keep your video CV short and descriptive

Remember that your video CV will be viewed by people who will not want to spend half an hour on one applicant. Show recruiters and employers that you value their time by making your video short and informative. Your video resume should be between 1 and 2 minutes long. It might seem short, but even shorter videos, of 30-40 seconds, tend to be catchier and more converting. You can still get your message across in this time, focusing on your key advantages and main areas of knowledge. Don’t forget to put forward your goals and motivation.

Highlight your top skills relevant for the job

If you are applying for multiple positions in different companies at once, we strongly recommend you record a unique video resume for each job to increase your chances. Look through the job description and write down your experience and skills that would be most relevant to each one.

List professional achievements

Emphasize your skills and accomplishments, and what you can bring to the company. List your most important achievements, and only those relevant to the vacant position. Quantify the job accomplishments if possible.

Be creative

The video format needs a touch of creativity in your CV. You can use your sense of humor when talking about the industry or professional use cases. You can also create a video CV that displays your artistic talent. Just don’t go too far and ensure that the video remains appropriate.

Think about structure and summary

Structure the video so that it has an introduction, main story, and conclusion. Start by introducing yourself, explaining why you apply with a video resume, and why you’re the right candidate for the job. Pitch your relevant experience, and showcase examples of your work. At the end of your video CV summarise your skills & experience and reiterate why you are the best candidate for the vacant position.

Last, but not least, thank the viewers for watching your video and include your contact details. Link to digital platforms that could enhance your application, such as your LinkedIn profile, your website, or social media accounts.

Create an online video resume that will get noticed

If you want to create an ideal video CV, think storytelling first. You have less than 10 seconds to catch the attention of the recruiters who will watch your video CV. Therefore, you have to think about how to convince and maintain your audience.

The format of the video CV could be a project showcase, a timeline of your experience and achievements, answers to relevant professional questions, or any creative presentation.

Building a visual resume is fun, and it increases your chances to get hired by top companies. Create a visually stunning resume that makes recruiters want to watch it.

With C-Me video cv, creating an online video resume has never been easier! Our team will guide you through this process. Focus on your content, while we take care of the technical side. Create your professional video resume now with a tool trusted by professionals.

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