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Create, share and track personalised Video CVs. Get Interview ready and lift your game with the latest video analysis technology from C-Me.

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Video CV maker: get closer to your dream job

When you submit your resume, you will be competing with many other qualified candidates, and only a few of them will even get interviewed. In today’s competitive job market, a video resume will help you stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters and employers.

In addition, nowadays, when companies are moving online and looking for specialists for remote work, a video resume helps a lot. It allows you to present yourself before you meet in person a recruiter or an employer. The employer can also see you better and evaluate your communication skills without meeting you in person.

A good video resume will increase your chances for success. At the very least, you will be remembered and added to the company’s database. However, to make video an effective tool in your job search, you need to prepare the recording and learn some tips that we share here and in our blog.

Create a video resume to impress recruiters

The purpose of a CV in this format is to highlight your skills and experience while giving employers an insight into your personality. A video resume is an opportunity to really showcase your personality, show off your creativity, passion and build a strong personal brand. The video CV displays your skills as a content creator and storyteller, which is very important for roles that require creative thinking.

A video resume will make you stand out in the competitive application process. While visual CVs are not suitable for every job, they are increasingly popular. Video CVs will get you noticed by employers in any sector, they are relevant not only to specific jobs. However, they don’t replace traditional CVs but are used to supplement a written application. With HR departments overwhelmed with applications for vacant positions, it’s important to make your CV stand out.

One of the most important aspects of getting a better job is to make sure that you have the necessary experience. If you’re looking for a dream job or a career change, you need to make sure that your resume is memorable. And the C-Me video cv maker helps in that process.

Our video cv app makes it easy to create your professional video profile in just a few clicks. On our video CV website, you can not only create a great-looking resume but also share your work with potential employers. The visual resume builder can help you to get your dream job.

It does not mean that a stunning video about yourself will make employers instantly offer you a high-paying job. Not at all. But a video resume builder can help you to significantly improve your chances against the competition:

  • Video CV creation is your opportunity to stand out among hundreds of monotonous profiles.
  • Video resume allows showcasing your communication, presentation, and digital skills in a way better way.
  • It is an opportunity for employers to get to know you better and understand if you fit for the position and their team.

Build your career with the C-Me video CV app

One of the best ways to grab the attention of recruiters and employers is to send them a video resume. The video will perfectly complement a text CV, help you beat the competition, and ultimately get a better job.

A video resume is a short self-presentation filmed on a camera in which you describe: who you are, what you do, and why you would be a great hire. Your professional skills, achievements, and personal characteristics can all be included.

In the video, you need to focus on why employers should hire you and how you will benefit the company. Usually, a video resume is sent along with a text CV. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and get an invitation for an interview.

Video resumes are the future of job hunting. The days of a long, wordy resume are gone. Our video CV builder C-Me is an easy way to showcase what you’re capable of without having to list boring details. A video resume shows potential employers what you’re capable of.

Below we explain in more detail how our video CV creator works and share some useful tips on how to produce one.

Video resume builder for professionals

With C-Me you can create your online video resume in minutes. Your visual resume video captures all your skills, work experience, and personal values. Video resume creation is an opportunity to present a full picture of yourself to employers. Your video resume is a great way to add the pieces that a text one is not able to capture.

You can build a resume that is both entertaining and effective. Our innovative video CV platform lets you also create a professional-looking video with access to resume samples. Not only will it save you hours of work, but C-Me can also help boost your chances with recruiters who value visual resumes over traditional ones.

Our easy video resume builder allows anyone to record and share a video about their work experience from any device. There’s no need for complicated software or expensive equipment. Simply record a short video and start applying for jobs.

Video resume creator benefits

  • Create a professional-looking video cv in minutes
  • Showcase your skills, knowledge, and experiences in one visual and dynamic video link
  • Present yourself to potential employers in an engaging way
  • Stand out from the competition with an online video CV
  • Save time making an online video resume.

Our video resume creator might be a fun format for presenting your experience, qualifications, and achievements. However, you need to remain professional. In any case, be sure that your video CVs are easier to view than text and more engaging.

How does C-Me Video CV resume work?

To create a video resume online using the C-Me video resume app, follow these 5 simple steps.

  • Open a free account on our video resume website. You can use your email or Google or Facebook account to register.
  • Start a new CV. Once logged in, you will see a +Video CV button in the upper right corner. Click on it to launch.
  • Fill in your CV details in the profile: personal data, experience, education, skills, and strengths.
  • Get ready with your script. Write down the introduction, skills, and experience section, pitch your presentation.
  • Record your professional video presentation online on your laptop or smartphone. Any modern device has a camera that captures good quality video. You also have the option of uploading your video.
  • Once the video has been recorded and saved, your CV is ready. Feel free to share it via LinkedIn or any other social platform using the button “Share” on the top right corner. You can also copy a CV link on our video resume website, and send it out – everyone with the link can access it.

Create a video CV for your career

In most cases, the first impression is decisive in the selection of new employees. A smartly created video resume will make you look confident, whereas a regular interview can be stressful. This will contribute to creating a positive first impression.

If a candidate does not have a lot of work experience and cannot boast of some outstanding skills, a usual resume will likely be eliminated at the stage of the initial selection of applicants. This form of self-presentation increases the range of information that a person can provide and allows him or her to correctly create the image needed.

A video resume is an indispensable tool when looking for a remote job or work in another city, as well as abroad. In covid quarantine times, it becomes more relevant than ever. Our video CV app is an opportunity to prepare for an interview, to practice, and understand what needs to be corrected, see yourself from the outside and improve your self-promotion skills.

The format of the video is easier to perceive. A competent short resume will tell you all the points of interest to the employer much faster than they can discover from the text version. However, to make it a success, you need to keep in mind some basic rules that we share here below.

Tips: you have 7 seconds to make an impression in a video

Make sure your resume video is appropriate for the position that you target.

Create a video resume only for a specific position in a specific company, as the CV should match this job.

Be creative. If you decide to make a video resume, don’t be afraid to be creative, even add some humor. Tell examples of interesting projects that you worked on. Share your opinion on trends in the industry and professional topics.

Be professional. While being creative and innovative, dress professionally, and use appropriate terminology. Make sure the background in your videos is appropriate for a video cv.

Keep it short. Think of a video CV as your professional teaser. Video CVs usually last between 1 and 2 minutes. With C-Me you can go up to 2 min 30 sec. It’s crucial to grab a recruiter’s at the very beginning while keeping the video short enough. Write down your script in advance, and rehearse. Otherwise, you run the risk that you miss important details about your skills and experience, or the promotion of yourself does not go far enough.

Be natural. While you should follow your script, you need to sound natural. Speak as you would in a personal interview. Try to memorize the script rather than reading directly from your text. Present some examples of your work experience relevant for this job. Pay attention to the pronunciation, clarity, and stress the key headlines and terms.

Video is about visuals. Use visuals instead of words – or enhance your words, when it’s possible and appropriate.

A video resume app is a great way to distinguish yourself from others. However, before you start creating a video, carefully plan your presentation, and practice your text to a friend or family member to make it a success.

Build your career with a video resume creator

Get one step closer to a dream job… a Video resume certainly does not guarantee that you will get the job right away. But a well-recorded video will differentiate you massively against other job seekers and complement your standard CV.

A text CV helps employers assess your professional experience and skills, while a video resume reveals your personality in just two minutes. A video CV displays your communication skills and creativity, as well as the management of digital tools.

If you target to make a significant change in your career, use the C-Me video CV creator to visualize what that could look like first. Start visualizing now. Create your video CV on our app today.

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