Let C-Me Video Analysis technology help you get the job you want

C-Me combines the latest video analysis tools with industry best practices, to help you improve your content and delivery.

When you record a Video CV or practice interview questions in C-Me, you get a full Video Analysis report. We start by showing you your voice flow, so you can check your rhythm and be notified of overly long pauses.

We also transcribe your recording so we can alert you to the words that recruiters like, and more importantly, don’t like to hear.

Our video analysis technology then uses leading Natural Language Processing software to determine the vibe of your content (software that recruiters often use to screen candidate video interviews).

We then calculate your pace so you can see if you are in the typical words per minute range.

Finally, we check your recording for repetition and tell you which words you have used most frequently.

Why C-Me Video Analysis?

Let C-Me Video Analysis technology help you create knock out video CVs and compelling interview answers to get the job you want.

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