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We used the C-Me Video Job Post template and got over 1,500 views on LinkedIn in three days. We got a great hire. Highly recommend.
Sunny Patel


Launch UK


Our Video Job Post was easy to make and worked really well. We had a lot of interest and we managed to find someone in 2 weeks.
Mark Davenport


Catalyst Global

Share a Video Job Post on Social Media.
Stand out from the crowd.


Increase in audience reach


More engagement


Higher SEO rankings


Higher 'Apply' rates

Seven reasons to start today...

    No credit card required


    Why Video Job Posts work on social media

    Stand out from the crowd with a Video Job Post

    With so many employers posting jobs on social media how do you make sure that your job stands out? Simple, create a Video Job Post.

    You are posting your job on social media because you want people to find out about the job, view the job details, perhaps share it with someone, and apply if they believe they are right for the job. Video gets 10X more views and engagement on social media so simply adding video to your job post will attract so much more interest, leading to many more applicants.

    Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your future employee is scanning their feeds, and may already be considering a new job. Adding a video to your job post will get a lot more interest and applications.

    Make first impressions count with a Video Job Post

    In sales and marketing, you know how important it is to make a great impression with your customers right from the start. Well, the same is true with hiring. Your future employees need to be treated just like customers because making a good first impression will mean it’s much easier to persuade them that your company is the right career choice. Don’t leave the selling until later on in the hiring process, start at the beginning…

    Whether you are hiring a Sales Development Rep (SDR), Account Executive (AE), Customer Success Manager (CSM) or a Sales Manager, it’s really important that the first interaction with a potential hire leaves them wanting to find out more. Showcase your company and job in a modern and digital way. Try a Video Job Post today and see the difference.

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