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We used the C-Me Video Job Post template and got over 1,500 views on LinkedIn in three days. We got a great hire. Highly recommend.
Sunny Patel



Our video job post was easy to make and worked really well. We got a lot of interest and we hired someone in 2 weeks.
Mark Davenport


Why Video Job Posts work on social media

Seven reasons to start today...

    No credit card required


    Share a Video Job Post on social media.
    Stand out from the crowd.


    Increase in audience reach


    More engagement


    Higher SEO rankings


    Higher 'Apply' rates

    Make your job post stand out on social media

    With so many companies posting jobs on social media, it’s really important to make sure your job post stands out. The simplest way to do that is by adding video because social medial platforms promote video content above everything else. By simply adding video to your job post you will be increasing your job post exposure massively and a huge advantage when it comes to recruiting via social media. It’s like putting your job post on steroids.

    Video job posts for Linked In, Facebook and Instagram

    If you want to boost your social recruiting results on social media then share a video job post instead. Whether posting jobs on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a video job post will get 10X more views, more engagement, and more applicants. A video job post will travel much deeper into your social networks and reach a wider audience. Share your video job post on any social media platform. With one click you can share your video job post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    Gen Z prefer video job posts

    Gen Z and millennials are far more likely to view and engage with social media posts that include video. So if you want to attract Gen Z job seekers then a video job post is the way to go. C-Me makes creating a video job post that appeals to Gen Z very easy, with modern designs, animations, and ideas for inspiring job seekers to apply to your company.

    Social recruiting made easy in C-Me

    C-Me makes creating and sharing a video job post very easy. The C-Me video job post template automatically generates an opening and closing animation from your logo, branding and company bio, so your video job post looks professional. You can create a video job post in under 10 minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say, our guide to ‘Marketing your job with video’ makes it super easy with simple content prompts. Convert job seekers to applicants with a C-Me Video Job Post.

    Save time interviewing with video applications

    In the time it takes to do one online interview you could watch 30 video applications. Job seekers have the opportunity to show their personality, as well as their skills and experience. This is especially important for Gen Z job seekers. As an employer, not only do you save time but you also build stronger shortlists so you hire the right person for the job.

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