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We used the C-Me Video Job Post template and got over 1,500 views on LinkedIn in three days. We got a great hire. Highly recommend.
Sunny Patel


Launch UK


Our Video Job Post was easy to make and worked really well. We had a lot of interest and we managed to find someone in 2 weeks.
Mark Davenport


Catalyst Global

Share your Video Job Post on Social Media and stand out from your competitors.


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    Video job posts are the future of recruitment marketing.

    Video job posts reach more applicants and get more views

    Video Job Posts are the future of recruitment. Video Job Posts are more effective than social media job ads alone. They are also a great tool for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd
    and get an image of a modern and digital brand. They raise your company’s profile and help you hire better candidates faster because they are seen by thousands of people every day. Video job posts help you engage a wider audience and attract more applicants.

    Video job posts for modern recruitment

    Video job posts are hot. Video job posts reach a wider audience and are shared more frequently on social media. They modernize your hiring process, increase your company’s visibility to talent,
    and automate job search engine listings with a video SEO boost. With C-Me, you can showcase your company and career opportunities in an efficient way.

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