Helping Gen Z Job Seekers get hired with video.

If you’re struggling to get an interview or find interview questions difficult, our Video First Hiring technology will help you get hired.

Make a better impression with a Video CV

You have much more to offer than just your skills and experience. Show your personality with a Video CV so employers see the real you.

Follow our guide to creating the perfect Video CV. Then track when your video CV is opened and viewed.

You’ll get invited to more interviews and be one step closer to landing the job you really want.


Get interview-ready

Practice for your online interviews in the C-Me Interview Practice room.

Choose from the Top 50 most common interview questions and record your video responses. Start easy and then tackle the harder questions.

Get interview-ready with C-Me.

Check your interview vibe

Employers are increasingly using technology to automatically screen candidates.

We plug into the world’s leading Natural Language Processing technology to calculate this key positivity score for your interview answers.

Plus we calculate your pace and let you know the words that recruiters like or don’t like hearing.


Why C-Me?

Get ahead in the job market with our Video First Hiring technology.

Create, send
& track Video CVs

Practice online

Find your
interview vibe

Learn the language
of recruiters

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