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Step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a job interview: top job interview questions

So you received an invitation to your job interview. Congratulations. Is there a way to ace a job interview? Yes. Is it going to be easy? No, but it isn’t that difficult either. Whether you’ve been to many interviews before or it’s your first job interview, you will undoubtedly benefit from proper interview preparation. 

Your potential employer wants to find out as much as possible about you, your skills, experience, projects, successes and failures (yes, that’s what interests them too). They are going to ask you many questions and may even ask you to do a screening test.

How to have a successful job interview

There’s one guaranteed way to be successful in a job interview: interview practice. The more you practice, the better your interview skills will be and the better prepared you’ll be when it’s time for a real job interview. 

Take your time to review the most common job interview questions, think through how you would answer them, record your answers, and practice them over and over to reduce interview stress and boost your confidence.

How to interview for a job in the right way, to increase your chances of getting hired? How to prepare for a job interview? Which job interview questions should you be ready for? We share some tips on how to succeed in a job interview along with some of the best job interview questions. This article gives you some insights on the best way to practice and prepare for a job interview.

Job interview: strengths and weaknesses

Before starting any job interview preparation, compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses. 


It is not just a typical job interview question but also a great opportunity for you to get really clear about your experience, capabilities and what you offer. Brainstorm your strengths and once you have compiled a list, narrow them down to the three or four that are most relevant for the job screening or interview. Ensure that you can back them up with examples.


What are your weaknesses in a job interview? It is crucial for you to be ready to answer this question. Try and come up with at least three weaknesses that you can talk about that would not impact the job you are applying for too much. Your weaknesses should demonstrate that you are not perfect, and that you learn from your mistakes. 

Helpful tips for job interview preparation

Know the interview process 

Your job interview prep should include finding out what to expect during the interview process. Check the latest trends in recruitment to see if it aligns with your expectations. 

Decide how to do your interview questions practice  

Ideally, practice interview questions and answers with a friend or family member, or record your test interviews for playing back. You could hire a career coach to help you practice for the interview. Or, you can use a special tool for interview practice online.

Collect a list of general job interview questions 

Get a list of the most common questions asked in a job interview. A career coach would have such a list, otherwise you can google for Top 10 job interview questions and make a collection to work on.  In this way you can practice answering the common job interview questions. 

Practice answering frequently asked questions in a job interview  

You should practice answering the general interview questions as well as those specific to the position you are applying for. The best way is to say your answers out loud.  

Ask for feedback

Give your support person a list of good job interview questions and ask them to give you feedback about your performance. Focus on the areas that need to be improved, practice some more, and then ask for feedback again.  

Record yourself 

If you are wondering whether you will do a good job interview, then record yourself so you can see for yourself how well you come across on camera. Use a webcam, smartphone or video camera to record your responses, so you could play them back and form an overall impression. Pay attention to your body language and your tone of voice as well as eye contact.

Most popular questions asked at a job interview

Of course, you can’t predict every question that you’ll be asked in your job screening, but there are definitely a few questions in a job interview you can plan answers for. Here are some of the common questions asked in a job interview. 

Job interview questions

Why do you want to work here?

This is a very common question that is asked. It is a good idea to investigate the company you’re applying to, its mission, vision, products and services. Try to align what you like about the company with your career goals.

What interests you most in this position?  

Demonstrate that you understand the role, and again use this to highlight your skills and strengths. Align the requirements of the role with your skills and experience.

What is your salary expectation?

The interviewer is highly likely to ask you this because it is one of the most common questions in a job interview. You need to be straightforward and precise in respect of the salary you want to earn.  

What are your greatest strengths? 

This is one of the classic job interview questions that is often asked first, enabling the interviewer to form an early impression on your suitability for the role. See the advice above on answering this common interview question.

What would you describe as your greatest weakness?

This tricky question will show the interviewer how well you are aware of your personal and professional traits as well as your critical thinking. The content above explains how to answer this popular interview question.

Remember, practice makes perfect – and will serve you well in preparing for your job interview. It will improve your interviewing skills considerably and you will increase your chances massively in your job screening.

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