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C-Me Hiring brings the benefits of video first
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Job descriptions that look like essays aren't very appealing or engaging.

Get more applicants and increase your Gen Z/Y appeal with a C-Me video job description.

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C-Me job posts are fully optimised for the leading job search engines.

Publish your jobs in C-Me and get listed automatically for zero cost.

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Video applications show personality which helps you build stronger shortlists.

In less time than it takes to do one screening interview you could view 30 video applications. Save hours, days and weeks by focusing on the right candidates.

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Step up your hiring with video first recruitment. Reach beyond the boundaries of text with video.
Hire faster, easier, better.

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End-to-end video recruitment software

Video recruitment software makes the hiring process easier, faster, and more convenient for HR departments, supervisors and employers. C-Me Hiring online recruitment software helps you attract and hire talented employees in less time and with less effort.

Change the way you hire

With our recruitment software platform, employers can create engaging visual job postings. You can record and share hiring videos, showcase your company and your open positions with video. You can ask candidates to shoot a short video introduction and view their video applications. C-Me Hiring lets you seamlessly create job postings, engage, evaluate and hire applicants with a video first approach. 

Build your career with the C-Me video CV app

One of the best ways to grab the attention of recruiters and employers is to send them a video resume. The video will perfectly complement a text CV, help you beat the competition, and ultimately get a better job.

A video resume is a short self-presentation filmed on a camera in which you describe: who you are, what you do, and why you would be a great hire. Your professional skills, achievements, and personal characteristics can all be included.

In the video, you need to focus on why employers should hire you and how you will benefit the company. Usually, a video resume is sent along with a text CV. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and get an invitation for an interview.

Video resumes are the future of job hunting. The days of a long, wordy resume are gone. Our video CV builder C-Me is an easy way to showcase what you're capable of without having to list boring details. A video resume shows potential employers what you're capable of.

Below we explain in more detail how our video CV creator works and share some useful tips on how to produce one. 

Video resume builder for professionals

With C-Me you can create your online video resume in minutes. Your visual resume video captures all your skills, work experience, and personal values. Video resume creation is an opportunity to present a full picture of yourself to employers. Your video resume is a great way to add the pieces that a text one is not able to capture.

You can build a resume that is both entertaining and effective. Our innovative video CV platform lets you also create a professional-looking video with access to resume samples. Not only will it save you hours of work, but C-Me can also help boost your chances with recruiters who value visual resumes over traditional ones. 

Our easy video resume builder allows anyone to record and share a video about their work experience from any device. There's no need for complicated software or expensive equipment. Simply record a short video and start applying for jobs.


Create a unique video first recruitment process

Get insights into your recruiting process to improve your hiring and make better hiring decisions. Have your team share notes and collaborate on candidates faster online to make quick and efficient hiring decisions. 

Modernize your hiring process

We create a fast, digital-friendly hiring experience for candidates and companies. Our video hiring software integrates hiring videos, video applications, and video analytics. Our video recruitment software helps employers reach a wider audience by creating engaging video content to attract more applicants and fill vacancies in a shorter time. Video interviews on Zoom replace outdated, time-consuming methods like in-person or phone interviews. With video resumes and video interviews, you can speed up your hiring process in the same way.

Post engaging video job descriptions and receive video applications. Analyze and discuss video job applications with your team using our collaboration features and make hiring decisions together.

C-Me Video Hiring Software Features

  • Easy-to-use, secure hiring platform
  • All-in-one solution for your hiring process
  • Centralized application management in a single app
  • Create your video job posting in a few clicks
  • Use job description templates
  • Post your job openings on global job search engines
  • SEO optimized pages for better visibility in organic search
  • Intuitive dashboards to view candidates applying for a job 
  • Company-branded hiring videos and video resumes in one place
  • Online collaboration of your HR and operational teams in the hiring process

Our goal is to help you find brilliant candidates efficiently and in less time, improving the quality of your hiring process. Using a video first recruitment approach will help you reduce time to hire and improve your employer branding, especially when marketing jobs to younger audiences. Hiring managers and recruiters can evaluate candidates together and have full transparency throughout the hiring process.

Benefits of video recruitment software

  • Wider audience through video messaging
  • Higher engagement and increased higher application rates
  • Assess candidates faster through video applications
  • Increased efficiency and collaboration between HR and your business colleagues via online platform
  • Create better shortlists 
  • Interview stronger candidates
  • Optimize the candidate path to hire
  • Build a talent pipeline for future recruitment
  • Free yourself from long email correspondence
  • Create your own personalized, search-optimized career site 
  • Improve your employer brand and HR marketing
  • Analyze the KPIs of your recruitment process
  • Reduce time to hire

Manage your recruitment process better

Get started with our video recruiting software, with intuitive dashboards and pipelines and easy-to-edit career pages. Your modern video first recruitment campaign is just a few clicks away.

Larger talent pool

You can reach out to any candidate, no matter where they are. Our software allows you to find talent in your target industry across geographic boundaries. 

Hire remotely

Increase the quantity and quality of candidates for your open positions by tracking down and targeting top talent remotely. Hiring remotely is a pandemic trend. Connect live with your applicants online. Increase your talent pool by talking to applicants from all around the world.

See beyond the CV to find the best candidates

Video applications let you see how people engage with you before you invite them in for an interview. Video applications give you a deeper insight into people. Video interviews provide an enjoyable and stress-free recruitment process.

Screen candidates more efficiently

Give candidates the flexibility to answer your questions in a pre-recorded video interview in their own time. Focus on the candidate's performance, not their background. Gain better insights into candidates with a video application and online interview than with a paper resume and phone interview. Review your video applications whenever you want. With our video recruiting platform, you can review more applicants in less time.

Reduce the cost

There are many costs associated with a traditional hiring process. Online recruitment software costs are lower compared to the traditional process of mailed applications, paper resumes, and in-person interviews. All you need is our video recruitment software and a good internet connection. 

Reduce your time-to-hire ratio

Reduce the time it takes to hire a candidate compared to hiring in-person. Our video recruitment software makes it easy for you to screen candidates and create a stronger shortlist. Work with your team to invite only the best candidates for in-person interviews. 

Smoother teamwork

Efficient collaboration between HR specialists and recruiters is essential for a successful hiring process. In the C-Me Hiring app, recruiters can share feedback on candidates anytime, anywhere. Share video applications with hiring managers to get their feedback. Collate online reviews faster from colleagues and validate decisions on which candidates to follow up with.

Well organized process

Store all interview records in a central dashboard in our C-Me Hiring app. Get insights, share feedback between members of your hiring team, and review your hiring metrics. Develop, improve, and automate your hiring processes. Take your recruitment to the next level with modern recruitment practices and techniques.

Manage your jobs and applicants easily

Share open jobs on your social networks to hire talent faster. Manage applicants with one click as they move through the steps of the hiring pipeline to keep your job postings up to date. Screen candidates wherever you are with quick video reviews.

Appealing, well-designed SEO-optimized career page

Make it easy for candidates to find your open positions with an appealing and well designed SEO-optimized career page. Attract top talent by sharing your job openings and making them accessible to everyone. It's important to have a well-designed careers page that ranks well in organic search, especially Google. 

Build an image of the modern employer 

Video recruitment software is great for your employer brand as well as being efficient for managing your recruitment process. Our career page builder and recruitment video software will help you build your brand, communicate your vision and showcase your company values.

Digitize your recruitment with video recruitment software

In a highly competitive market, it's beneficial to connect with candidates in a video format. Most of your potential employees, especially millennials, will feel comfortable with this and see your company as modern and technologically advanced. The faster your company digitizes the hiring process, the more talent you will attract. Our C-Me Hiring app will facilitate the adoption of digitization HR in your company. At C-Me, we want to help you improve and modernize your hiring process.

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