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Create and share your Video CV

A video CV gets you seen. It shows your personality so you make an impression. You get invited to more interviews and get one step closer to the job you want. Create your first Video CV in less than 10 minutes. Don’t go unnoticed for one more day. Get seen with C-Me.

I have applied for more than 50 jobs with no response. I am now using C-Me video CVs. I can see they are being opened and I have managed to get two interviews so far. It’s definitely making a difference.

Nina Lewis

Practice interviews questions

Choose from the Top 50 interview questions. Start easy, then progress to the more challenging ones. Get insights into your vibe, pace and voice flow with our Video Analysis tools. Check for repetition and avoid the words recruiters don’t like. Get interview-ready with C-Me.

Can’t believe it. The first question I got asked in my interview was one I practised first in C-Me the day before – I felt calm and prepared. I nailed it!

Nick Wood